• Q[IMMIGRATION] Where can I get my copy of certificate of enrollment?


    For exchange students, you can get it from our ISSS Office. For graduate students, you can get it from the machine in front of Academic Affairs & Records building (admin. Bldg. 2F).

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] Where can I get my copy of proof of residency?


    For exchange and Visiting students, you can request your proof of residency from ISSS office.
    For graduate students, You can download your proof of residency from POVIS website.
    POVIS → Work Area → Dormitory Management → Display Dormitory Fee Receipt and Proof of Residence

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] Who is required to register at the Immigration Office and by when?


          • Foreigners staying in Korea for over 90 days, within 90 days of entry.
          • Foreigners born in Korea, within 30 days of birth.
          • Foreigners who have been granted status of sojourn, or wish to change status immediately after receiving permission.

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] How do I apply for the Alien Registration Card?


    Please refer to the section below ‘Alien Registration Card’ on our webpage.

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] When is the expiration date of my visa? Is the date on my passport or on my alien registration card?


    It is written on the back side of your Alien Registration Card. However, your visa duration and/or expiration may change automatically depending on your academic condition, such as disenrollment, leave of absence, or graduation.

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] How do I report changes in my Alien Registration Card?


    Present the required documents to the local Immigration Office.

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] Can I tutor English inside and outside campus to earn some pocket money?


    Private tutoring for D-2 visa holders is prohibited by law. Thus, it is important for you to keep in mind that it is illegal for a D-2 visa holder to teach privately. Private tutoring is considered as illegal even for people with a work permit since they are self-employed. If you are currently working as a private tutor for the sake of earning extra income, please refrain from those activities. Please note that this is a violation of a law and could get you deported and/or need to pay a fine accordingly.

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] Can I take a part time job?


    For those of you who are thinking of obtaining a part-time job, the first step is to complete a “Confirmation Form for Part-time Work”. After having this form signed by your advising professor and the administrative staff from your department, you can submit it to our ISSS Office.

    Once you complete the process above, please take note of the required documents for a work permit that are expected to be submitted to the Pohang Immigration Office:


    -Alien registration card

    -Application form 

    -Copy of business registration certificate (Acquire one from your potential employer.) 

    -Part-time work of foreign student confirmation form 

    Also, confirmation from one of the ISSS program coordinators is required. If you are unsure whether you are currently working for the right establishment, please consult with the Immigration Center for Foreigners. Simply dial 1345 for any information regarding the immigration process.

  • Q[IMMIGRATION] I lost my alien registration card. What should I do?


    You need to apply for reissuance within 14 days from the day that you lost your card.