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Privacy Policy

Statement of Purpose

Announcement on the Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

POSTECH has collected and utilized personal information in accordance with the related law, including the Framework Act on Education, the Higher Education Act, the Private School Act, the School Health Act, etc.

Collected personal information will be utilized to fulfill the terms and conditions of the admission contract (creation and management of student records), and will further be used for the provision of on-campus facilities as well as for students’ welfare. In accordance with the purpose of collecting personal information, POSTECH will provide or commit to a third party within its legal duty or obligation. POSTECH will provide collected personal information (name, gender, date of birth, home university, nationality, Alien Registration Number, and admission information) to DB Insurance in order to purchase the compulsory inbound insurance. The notice will be provided in advance when POSTECH utilizes the collected information for any other purposes as the collected information will be provided, processed, and eliminated within the agreement period.

Collected personal information will be stored and processed using appropriate physical and technical security, and will be destroyed immediately after the retention period. In the case of collected information that is provided or committed to a third party, it will be kept and processed by the related law while POSTECH will lead the third party to safely handle the collectedinformation.

Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information Agreement

I fully understand the contents written above, and agree that POSTECH shall collect and utilize my personal information in accordance with the related law, the Personal Information Protection Act.