Exchange Program

○ Reference Materials

[POSTECH 2022 SPRING Exchange Program] FACT SHEET

POSTECH AY2021-2022 Inbound Leaflet


The POSTECH International Exchange Program is exclusively for undergraduate/graduate students from partner institutions, providing the students with the opportunity to study and immerse themselves in the Korean culture and actively participate in the campus life of POSTECH.


● Program Definition

Credit/Course Taking

Exchange Program
( C )

International exchange students will be able to take courses at POSTECH, regardless of their academic status (degree, major, etc.) and transfer credits to their home universities with the transcripts provided.

Approximately 60% of courses at POSTECH are provided in English.

Research Combined

( C+R )

Exchange Program + Research Participation


● Applications

○ Eligibility

• Students nominated by the international office (program coordinator) of POSTECH’s partner institution

• GPA Average: ‘B’ or above

• English Proficiency (for non-native speakers): TOEFL iBT 79, IELTS 6.0, or above

  * may be substituted with equivalent proof documents from home university

• Approval from POSTECH advising professor-to-be (for “combined” students only)

○ Application Period & How to Apply

(applications will open after the nomination procedure of the universities)

•  Application Period for Fall: ~ April 1

•  Application Period for Spring: ~ October 1

•  Online Applications

•  The complete application form must be signed by an exchange coordinator of the applicants’ home university and sent to the inbound coordinator of POSTECH via email.

○ Required Supporting Documents

•  Academic Transcript in English

•  Official Score of English Proficiency (for non-native English speakers only)

•  One Recommendation Letter from Home University Supervisor

•  Copy of Passport (with over 6 months’ validity)

•  Letter of Approval from POSTECH Professor (for research exchange only)

○ Advising Professor (for research exchange only)

Research exchange students (Type: C+R & R) are required to contact a POSTECH professor and get approval for research projects before applying. Letter of approval from the advising professor must be attached on the online application form.

2020 Faculty Directory and Research Profiles

○ Admission Announcement

•  Fall Entry: by Early May

•  Spring Entry: by Early November

•  Admitted students will receive an application packet including the Certificate of Admission, Acceptance Letter, a Copy of POSTECH’s Business Registration, Guidebook for International Exchange Students (by email), and additional instructions from ISSS (International Student and Scholar Services) will follow.


● Academic Information


Academic Calendar

Academic Program (Undergraduate) & Academic Programs (Graduate)


○ Important Notes 

※  Undergraduate exchange students may take graduate courses, and vice versa. 

※  Subject to completion of pre-requisite courses, exchange students may take cross-faculty courses.


Undergraduate Academic Policy

Graduate School Academic Policy


● Visa Requirements

○ Visa Applications

Once exchange students receive an admission packet, they are required to apply for their visas individually at the nearest Korean Embassy/Consulate/Visa Centers prior to entering Korea. A student visa (D-2 type) is required to study in Korea for all international exchange students.

※ All students are required to contact the embassies in advance to check the exact documents needed for visa applications.

○ Important Notes

Exchange students are required to obtain a study abroad visa (D-2 type) even if their period of stay is less than 90 days. If they are from countries with visa exemption agreements, they may be exempted.

Please contact your nearest Korean Embassy or consulate for more information.

Guide for Education Visa (Hi Korea) 



● Contact

Ms. Monica No, Inbound Program Coordinator

Student Affairs


Phone: +82-54-279-3683