Research Participation

The research participation program is a short-term research program for international students, regardless of their enrollment in partner/non-partner universities. Research students are required to receive prior official approval (Letter of Approval form attached below) of their research project from a supervising professor-to-be at POSTECH before submitting their applications for the program.


2020 Faculty Directory and Research Profiles


● Program/Student Terms

○ Research Exchange : Students from Partner Institutions

○ Visiting Research: Students from Non-Partner Institutions


● Classifications & Duration depending on Level of Study

○ Master’s/Ph.D. Degree Holders : D-2-5 (Research Visa)

– Duration: maximum of 2 years.

– Must be able to prove their degrees with their Official Diplomas or Certificates of Graduation (with apostille or official seal of the Consulate of Korea)

○ Undergraduate/Master’s/Integrated(Master’s-Ph.D.) Degree Students : D-2-8 (Visiting Visa)
      – Duration: maximum of 12 months.

      – Must provide Official Enrollment Certificate of current home university.



● Application Information

○ Eligibility

• Approval from POSTECH advising professor-to-be
• GPA Average: ‘B’ or above

• English Proficiency (for non-native speakers): TOEFL iBT 79, IELTS 6.0, or above

  * may be substituted with equivalent proof documents from home university


○ Required Supporting Documents for Application

• (English) Notarized Certificate of Degree (Master’s, PhD), Certificate of Enrollment

• Academic Transcript in English

• Official Score of English Proficiency (for non-native English speakers only)

• One Recommendation Letter from Home University Supervisor

• Copy of Passport

Letter of Approval from POSTECH Professor

• Research Student Confirmation Form (from advising professor for D-2-5 Visa Applications)

The documents are to be submitted to the affiliated department/lab of the advising-professor-to-be, and international processes will be automatically proceeded.


○ Admission Announcement

The application outcomes will be announced within 30 days after submitting the documents. Admitted students will receive an application packet including Certificate of Admission, Admission Letter, Housing & Health Insurance Information and Online Guidebook.


● Visa Requirements

○ Visa Application

Once visiting students receive an admission packet, they are required to apply for their visas individually at the nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate in their home countries prior to coming to Korea. A student visa (D-2) is required to study in Korea for all visiting students. Please contact your nearest Korean Embassy or consulate to find more details about visa requirement and process.


Guide for Education Visa (Link to Hi Korea) 



International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is to support and assist the international members of the university so that they can achieve their educational as well as personal success in POSTECH. ISSS provides services for arrival, housing, orientation, settlement, visa, and leaving and more. ISSS is always ready to help international members and give them advice whenever they need.

Link to ISSS web page: ISSS 


● Compulsory Medical Insurance

As of March 2021, all international students in Korea will be automatically registered to the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS), effective from the date of their alien registration (most likely done within 10 days into the program). All will be able to receive equal medical benefits as Korean nationals, receiving automatic discounts for doctors’ appointments and prescription drugs.
Exchange students will receive monthly invoices by post, and the cost will be approx. 50,000 KRW/month.


○ Housing

On-campus dormitories are guaranteed for all international students.

○ Orientation

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will host orientation program a few days after visiting students arrive at POSTECH. Orientation will include informative sessions which will be necessary for new comers.