International Relations

POSTECH International Relations is responsible for cooperation with foreign institutions and coordination of student exchange programs with partner universities. The main tasks of International Relations are inbound and outbound student mobility, international student and scholar services, and international collaboration on a larger scale, including activities of the Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU) and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). The office also assists international guests with travel arrangements and hospitality to facilitate an unforgettable POSTECH experience during their stay.


International Relations Duties & Responsibilities



Hyoeun Park (Director)


∙ Overall Supervision of International Relations

Ji-Hye Kim


∙ International Student Recruitment


∙ Overall Management of Interactions with East Asia

∙ Supervision of ISSS

∙ IR Planning & Budget, Overall Management of IR Data

Kiljong Yoo


∙ International Student Exchange Programs (Inbound)

∙ Overall Management of Interactions with Northern, Southern, and Eastern Europe

∙ National Scholarship Programs

∙ IR Purchase & Asset Management

YunMee Jung



∙ POSTECH Semester Exchange Program (Outbound)

∙ Summer Session Program

∙ Global Internship Program Support

∙ AEARU Student Summer Camp

∙ Overall Management of Interactions with America

∙ World University Rankings




∙ International Collaboration

  – Establishment of New Partnerships

  – International Agreements


∙ World University Rankings

∙ Language Support: Editing & Writing

Monica No







∙ International Visitors and Senior Administrators’ Overseas Business Support

∙ Overall Management of Interactions with Asia, Oceania, and Africa

∙ IR and International Alumni Database Management

∙ International Alumni Associations

∙ IR Homepage

∙ IR Work-Study Student Management, Team Weekly Reports, Mailroom Tasks

∙ International Short Term Programs (Inbound)

∙ Overall Management of Interactions with Western Europe


∙ SNS Management

Dabin Jeong



∙ International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

  – Orientations and Support Programs for International Members

    (Cultural Activities, Holiday Parties, Festivals, etc.)

  – Management of the ISSS Office & Support of International Members


∙ POSTECH Open Lab Program

Jinah Hong



∙ Visa/Immigration

  – Visa Issuance for International Members

  – Arrival & Departure Services for International Members

  – Management of Online Visa Application System

∙ POSTECH Summer / Winter Programs


∙ Bilingual Campus: University Regulations and English Document Editing

∙ BC Homepage Management

∙ Bilingual Support for University Events

 As of March, 2018