About ISSS

ISSS (International Student and Scholar Services) is dedicated to serving POSTECH’s international community and enhancing the campus globalization. Our primary mission is to assist international students and scholars in successfully accomplishing their academic and research goals by providing support in various areas. We strive to create an environment that is conducive to a successful educational and personal experience through orientations, counseling, cultural programs, and outreach.
ISSS is located on the 1st floor of the POSCO International Center for international members’ easy access and is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Below are the services that we provide.


Useful information for your adaptation to POSTECH
– Guidebook for International Students

  • – Guidebook for International Scholars 
  • Orientation
    Orientations for new international students and scholars on the following topics:
    – Curriculum and facilities
    – Campus tour
    – Immigration Office registration procedure
    – Information on safety and culture
    – Korean language programs
    – ISSS cultural programs
  • Social Activities
    Events to invigorate international community networks
    – Field Trip: experience Korean culture and traditional holiday celebrations 
    – Chuseok & Lunar New Year celebrations
    – Year-End
  • Living
    Information for living in Korea and on campus
    – Living on campus & in Pohang
  • – Key local public offices and services
    – Amenities and tourist attractions
  • Liaison
    We listen to your difficulties and connect you to relevant departments for further consultation/resolution
    – Assistance in visitors’ needs of connection
    – Alliance with other departments/institutions
    – Introduction to the international communities
  • Administration
    Provide certificates and other administrative services
    – Visa arrangements / Alien registration
    – Preparation for arrival/departure on campus
    – International Student and Scholar Services