Before leaving POSTECH, all international members must complete the following procedures.


Pre-departure Checklist for International Students

1. E-mail the exact move-out date to ISSS coordinator Suo Ryu (suo0124@postech.ac.kr) at least ONE WEEK prior to your check-out date.

2. Clean your room thoroughly.

3. Return all the borrowed materials to the laundry shop located in the basement of building 14.

4. Return all the borrowed books to the library.

4. Notify the Dean of DICE your check-out date and arrange the schedule for your room inspection.

5. Meet the Dean of DICE on your check-out date and go through the check-out procedure. Submit the Dormitory Check-out Checklist to the Dean of DICE as well.


Pre-departure Checklist for International Scholars

1. Contact ISSS coordinator at least one month prior to your departure, and see if you are eligible for receiving National Pension Service (NPS) refund.

2. Talk to your advisor in the department office.

2. Complete POVIS resignation process and documents provided from the department.

3. Return all the borrowed materials.

4. Clean your room.

5. Return your Apartment Key to Housing Office.