Upon admission, students will be provided with the letter of acceptance, guidebook and other required documents to obtain their student visa to Korea. Students of Chinese origin will be provided with a Certificate of Visa Issuance (CVI). For detailed information about the visa issuance, please refer to the “Visa” section above.

Prior to the international students’ arrival at POSTECH, an e-mail which contains important announcements for the program, such as check-in/check-out dates, housing fee, and orientation information, will be sent to the students including the following following documents:


1. Arrival/Departure Information Form
2. Housing and Insurance Information
3. Guidebook
4. Medical Clearance Form (for international graduate students only)


These documents are required to be submitted prior to their arrival at POSTECH, approximately three weeks before their arrival for the smooth preparation for the program and their arrival.


All international students will automatically be assigned to the on-campus accommodation at POSTECH close to your arrival date. Each international student will also receive an e-mail of introducing their buddy at least one week prior to their arrival date. Assigned buddies will help them check into the dormitory/graduate apartment upon their arrival at POSTECH. Detailed information about the on-campus accommodation and buddy program can be found on “Upon Arrival.”